Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2024-28

In 2024, the NWMO will undertake work to refresh our vision, mission and values to reflect the evolving nature of our work as we prepare to:


Our vision is the long-term management of Canada’s nuclear waste in a manner that safeguards people and respects the environment, now and in the future.


The purpose of the NWMO is to develop and implement, collaboratively with Canadians, a management approach for the long-term care of Canada’s used nuclear fuel that is socially acceptable, technically sound, environmentally responsible and economically feasible. The NWMO is also responsible for implementing the plan for Canada’s intermediate-level and non-fuel high-level radioactive waste.



We place all aspects of public and employee safety – including environmental, conventional, nuclear and radiological safety – first and foremost in everything we do.


We act with openness, honesty and respect.


We use the best knowledge, understanding and innovative thinking, and seek continuous improvement in all that we do in our pursuit of excellence.


We engage in a manner that is inclusive and responsive, and that supports trust, constructive dialogue and meaningful partnership.


We take responsibility for our actions, including wise, prudent and efficient management of resources.


We communicate openly and responsibly, providing information about our approach, processes and decision-making.